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Personalized Poem written for a Brother:
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When mom talks of childhood days,
She loves to tell the tale
Of how you didn't want a sister.
A pony would do well.

You tried to help me ride a bike.
You pushed me down a hill,
And I ran into that tree.
It's a wonder I wasn't killed.

You always took me all around
When you learned to drive a car.
We traveled many, many miles.
We drove that punch bug far.

It's hard to walk behind someone
Who is "Mr. Everything".
When you went to High School,
You were practically a King.

But you've never, ever made me feel
That I was less than you
You've always supported me 
In everything I do.

You are a special person,
And I'm very proud to say
That you're a "one and only" brother
And my friend in every way. 

Love you,

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