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Personalized Poem written for a Cousin:
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You've been my cousin all my life.
You've always been so giving.
You've made your life worthwhile.

When I was just a child,
You took good care of me.
You let me ride the bus with you,
Knowing how scared I'd be.

You put me in your wedding
To share your special day,
And it really meant so much to me;
More than words can say.

You never have condemned me
For the wrong things I have done.
You always offer a helping hand
And help me see the sun.

You treated my child just like your own.
You welcomed her in your home,
And I could never thank you enough
For the love to her you've shown.

You've always been right there for me,
Just like a friend would be;
But you're so much more than a friend.
You're a second sister to me.  

I love you,

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