Christ left His home in heaven,
Where streets are paved with gold;
To come into this sinful world
And walk on dusty roads.
On roads that led to capture,
Although there was no crime.
Christ was beaten and betrayed
And sentenced, then, to die.

He heard the people mock His name,
As he was placed upon that tree.
Christ heard the pounding of the nails,
As they pierced His hands and feet.
He felt the pricking of the thorns
From a crown placed on His head;
And when He needed water,
They gave Him vinegar instead.

"Father, forgive them.
They know not what they do."
The words from a merciful Savior,
Who gave His life for me and you.  
A dusty road led to His tomb.
They had killed Christ on that cross.
The sinless, perfect Son of God -
They thought His life was lost.  

But they were wrong - Christ arose,
And He still lives today!  
An empty tomb, a risen Lord,
Who loves more than words can say.
Christ walked on dusty roads for us.
He paid for all our sins;
So our roads would lead to heaven
To walk on golden streets with Him.

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