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Personalized Poem written for a Father:
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He worked too hard and always did.
His hands were very rough.
He wanted us to have the best.
Anything else was not enough.

He spanked me once (not very hard),
But I thought that I would die.
I know now that it hurt him more
Just to see me cry.

He watched me grow and taught me well.
He fixed me up a car.
He set a great example
That he knew could take me far.

He couldn't see me graduate,
But his presence still was near.
In everything good that happens
I know that he is here.

I hope he knew deep down inside
How I loved him so.
It broke my heart the day he died,
And I had to let him go.

But, dad, I know you're happy;
Because your life you lived God's way,
And I'm sure that you're in heaven
Beside our Lord each day.  

I Love you,

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