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Personalized Poem written for a Friend:
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The Rev

God blessed me some years ago
With you, my faithful friend.
A friend who was our Chaplin;
Who taught in life how we could win.

A friend whose nickname was the Rev;
Who was behind us win or lose.
Who set our sights on positive things
And improved our attitudes.

A friend who spoke before our games
With inspired words and prayer.
You laughed with us, you cried with us.
You showed us that you cared.

A friend who kept me focused
On the important goals we had.
Who cooled me off with water,
When I’d begin to get too mad.

A friend who gave me books and words
To help turn my thoughts to GOD.
You helped in this stressful life.
And the journey I must trod.

A friend who never judged me.
Who helps any way he can.
I hate that you are leaving,
But I know you’re in GOD’s hands.

HE will keep you in HIS care,
Just like HE has before;
By GOD’s grace – we’re more than friends,
We’re brothers in the LORD.

Best wishes,

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