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Happy Graduation

Looking back on your childhood,
You know I have to smile;
A little girl with thick dark hair
And eyes so brown and wide.
Everything you learned so fast;
To talk and tie your shoes.
Before we blinked, it was time
For you to go to school.

Looking back on your first day,
It still can make me cry.
My little baby off to school
With a wave and then “goodbye”.
Grade school seemed to hurry by
Just like your high school days.
My little girl was growing up
In so many different ways. 

Looking back, I saw college days
That for you were often rough;
But you are not one to complain,
My little girl is tough.
Tough through every problem,
Always there to lend a hand;
You encourage me when I fall down. 
You’re there to help me stand.

Looking back on this special day,
As we think of all those years;
Of the laughter and the good times,
And, of course, we had some tears. 
I hope you know I’m proud of you -
My little girl who’s grown.
You’re smart and independent;
Strong enough to make it on your own.

I know that God will guide you.
You will shine just like the sun;
And my little girl will stay in my heart,
Along with the woman you’ve become.

I love you,

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