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Personalized Poem Written in Memory of a Loved One:

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Durward was a special man.
God blessed us with his life.
A man who believed in God
Through prosperity and strife.
He set a good example
For those who passed his way;
Showing his strong faith in God
Each and every day.

A charter member of our church –
He was so proud to be.
He worked hard to provide a Christian home
And prayed on bended knees.
Durward loved his family dearly.
You could see it in his eyes.
With a love you hold deep in your heart,
A love that does not die.

When Durward’s health begin to weaken
And his body ached with pain;
His faith never faltered
His trust in God remained.
A trust that gave him so much strength
And hope to face each day
With the confidence that God knows best
In whatever comes your way.

Durward knew there is a heaven
Prepared by our precious Lord.
A place with no more struggles
And pain - there is no more.
A place where streets are golden,
Filled with praise and glorious songs.
And Durward felt God’s perfect peace
When the Lord gently called him home.


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