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Personalized Poem Written for a Couple who is about to Get Married:
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Steven and Tanika

God gave us a treasure,
When he gave both of you to us.
He even knew before we did
That you would fall in love.

A Hampton girl, a Cyclone boy,
Who were destined to meet.
Two teenagers who played basketball,
Who both shot perfect threes.

Growing up together –
The dates, the proms – what fun.
We all thought it was “puppy love”,
But your love had just begun.

Though separated by miles
Too many times to count,
It only made you stronger
Along with the special love you found.

A love that will see you through
The good times and the bad.
You’ll laugh at the happy times
And wipe the tears when sad.

A love that will last forever
That grows stronger every day,
A love God knew that you would find
That would make you both soul mates.

Love you both,

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