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Personalized Poem Written to a Mother:
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My Mom

God chose you to be my mom,
And you’ve always been right there.
To pick me up, to dry my tears,
To show me that you care.

To dress me the first day of school
And send me on my way;
To make cupcakes for my parties
And muffins on 4-H day.

To mend my clothes & cook for me,
And to doctor me when ill.
You can always make it better,
No matter how bad I feel.  

To clean for me, to put up with me
When I’m picky as can be. 
When I’m so hard to be around,
You don’t stop loving me.

To love your kids and grandkids,
To help them along the way.
To set a Christian example
Each and every day.

To show such strength in tragedy,
And never to give up;
To think of those who need you,
When we’ve lost someone we love.

To be a mom, and you’re the best!
Thanks for all you do.
I could never ever repay you,
But please know that I love you.


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