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T. J.

Time is flying by us.
I can’t believe it’s true.
Sixteen years go by so fast;
And it catches up with you.

I remember a miracle child,
Who could hardly breathe.
Who fought as hard as he possibly could,
Because the world he wanted to see.

I remember a little baby
With a machine on his chest.
He’d just pull it off and laugh.
We never knew what might be next.

I remember a little boy
Going off to school.
He always came home filthy,
And he never tied his shoes.

Now, we have a teenager
With those sneaky, big, wide eyes
Who's always been so kind to me.
He’s a blessing in disguise.

No one could ever take your place.
You’re one of a kind - you see;
And no matter hw old you are,
You’ll always be a miracle to me.

I love you,

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