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Oh, happy day is finally here!
You've worked so very hard.
From Tri-State to Inland
It seems you've traveled far.

You can sleep as late as you want
And get dressed when you please.
You can paint your favorite portrait,
Or go to the lake - you're free!

Whatever your little heart desires.
That's what you can do.
I'm happy you have this chance,
But I will still miss you.

You've laughed and cried with me
In times both good and bad.
I feel so very blessed
For the friendship that we have.

There's not many people
Who care as much as you.
It shows in every word you speak,
And in everything you do.

Things won’t be like they were before. 
I won't see you every day;
But thank God you'll always be my friend,
And in my heart you'll stay. 

Happy Retirement!
 With love,

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