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I look back on long ago,
When you took care of me.
You fixed my meals and fed me well,
When mom was gone - you see.

You always let me hang around,
When friends came to stay.
I'm sure I was a pest to you,
A little sister in the way.

I don't believe you complained,
Even though we shared a room;
But I know when I moved out,
It was probably none too soon.

You always let me drive your car,
No matter where I'd go.
You'd always leave me lots of gas,
And I would leave you low. 

In all your pain you always find
A reason you can smile;
And when I feel bad, you listen.
You go that extra mile.

You're such a special sister
And a special friend to me.
You're an inspiration in my life.
The way no one else could be. 

 I love you

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