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Slideshow Guide


1)  Decide which Slideshow Package you want to purchase.

       a.  Package A - $25 - Includes Up to 32 photos, 1 song,  
            Title, Occasion, and Closing Slides, Customized DVD 
            Case and Label, and USPS Priority Shipping

        b.  Package B - $45 - Includes Up to 65 photos, 2 
              songs, Title, Occasion, and Closing Slides,                
              Customized DVD Case and Label, and USPS Priority 

         c.  Package C - $65 - Includes Up to 97 photos, 3 
              songs, Title, Occasion, and Closing Slides, 
              Customized DVD Case and Label, and USPS Priority 

         d.  Package D - $10 - An Additional DVD Slideshow 
              Copy (A separate order for the extra DVD must be 
              placed when ordering from the Products Listing 

         e.  Package E - $90 - Includes Up to 129 photos, 4  
              songs, Title, Occasion, and Closing Slides, 
              Customized DVD Case and Label, and USPS Priority 

         f.  Package F - $115 - Includes Up to 161 photos, 5 
              songs, Title, Occasion, and Closing Slides,                
              Customized DVD Case and Label, and USPS Priority 

          g.  Package G - $140 - Includes Up to 193 photos, 6 
               songs, Title, Occasion, and Closing Slides, 
               Customized DVD Case and Label, and USPS Priority 

2)   Select and organize your photos.       

        a.   Choose photos that stir emotion.  Choose close-up 
              shots, if possible.  For best results do not use 
              photos that are cut into shapes (circles, hearts, 

         b.  Organize photos in the order you want them to be 
               seen in the slideshow.  Be sure you have the 
               correct number of photos for the Package you are 
               selecting.  If sending CD, please be sure and use a   
               number in the file name of each picture beginning 
               with 1.  Please have them in the order you want                      them in the slideshow.  If sending photos, number                  your photos on the back of the photos with a pencil                in the sequence you want them to appear in                              slideshow.  

         c.  Decide if you want a Title slide (Example:  saying, 
              scripture verse, quotation, person’s name, etc.), 
              Occasion slide (Example:  Happy Birthday, Happy 
              Anniversary, Happy Graduation, Happy Retirement, 
              etc.), and/or Closing slide (Example: I love you, 
              Congratulations, You’re the best, With love, etc.)

3)   Select your song or songs for the slideshow.  

         a.  The music you choose will set the tone of the 
               video.  Consider using a favorite song or artist of 
               the person, or choose a song whose lyrics are 
               meaningful or fit especially well.  The song you 
               choose must be available on ITunes.  

          b.  If you are unsure the song is on ITunes, please 
               email us at info@lovinglinesandmore.com, and we 
               will be happy to check for you.  

          c.  Depending on the song or songs you choose, we 
               may have to cut a few pictures to fit the song 
               length.  In the Questionnaire we will ask you to 
               pick three pictures we could remove from the 
               slideshow, if needed.

4)   Make copies of your photos unless sending by Email.  

          a.  If you have a scanner:  You can scan the photos 
                yourself.  Please scan each photo and save it in 
                .jpg format.   Save each picture with a number 
                beginning with 1, indicating the sequence of the 
                photos in the slideshow.  To get the best quality 
                image, set the scanning resolution as high as 
                possible (setting the resolution at 300 DPI or 
                higher).  Photos scanned at a low resolution may 
                appear blurry or your computer screen.  Carefully 
                 examine each one.  If the photos are distorted, 
                 rescan them at a higher resolution.  Do not send 
                 us your photos until you complete Steps 1 – 7.   

          b.   If you do not have a scanner or just do not want 
                the hassle:  You can take your photos to a 
                department store (such as Wal-Mart), and they 
                can scan them for you.  They can place them on a 
                CD-R disk that you could send to us or use to email 
                the individual photos.  Have them save each 
                picture in the .jpg format with a number beginning 
                with 1, indicating the sequence of the photos in 
                the slideshow.  They can also provide you with a 
                paper copy.  Giving us digital photographs on a 
                CD-R or via email is often more convenient and 
                will accelerate the process of your slideshow.   Do 
                not send us your photos until you complete Steps 
                1 – 7.    

5)   Complete Terms of Service Agreement.

          a.  Go to www.lovinglinesandmore.com.  

          b.  Click on "Photo Slideshows” & then on the link for 
               Service Agreement.  (If you choose not to accept 
               our Terms, we will not be able to complete your 
               slideshow).  From here we will walk you through 
               completing your Questionnaire and placing your 

6)Complete "Questionnaire".

7)Place order for your slideshow.

8)Prepare and mail your photos.  

             a.  Via Email:  

                   i.  Use your current Email program.  Photos must 
                       be in .jpg format.  Send to     
                       info@lovinglinesandmore.com.  In the 
                       “Subject” please put your last name.  Click 
                       “Insert” or “Attachment”, depending on your 
                       Email program.  You may have to click “File”, 
                       depending on your Email program.  Select your 
                       pictures or pictures and click “Send”.  

                 ii.  If your pictures are individually large in file 
                      size, you may have to send only a few pictures 
                      at a time.  

            b.  For CD-R Disk:  

                 i.  Place your CD-R disk in some type of protective 
                     box or CD-R case.  

                ii.  Mail CD-R to Loving Lines and More, 186 Echo 
                     Drive, Elizabethton, TN  37643.  We suggest 
                     Priority mail which is two day service, but that 
                     is up to you.  

            c.  For Photo Copies:  

                 i.  Number your photo copies on the back of the 
                     photos in the sequence you want them to 
                     appear in slideshow.  

                ii.  Place them in a Ziploc bag. If you have a large 
                     picture that will not fit in a Ziploc bag, you may 
                     want to place cardboard on the top and bottom 
                     of the copied photo.   You may also get bubble 
                     wrap envelopes at the Post Office.   Remember: 
                     Do not send your original photos. 

              iii.   The copied photos can then be mailed in an 
                      envelope.   We suggest Priority mail which is 
                      two day service, but that is up to you.  

              iv.  Mail to:  Loving Lines and More, 186 Echo Drive, 
                     Elizabethton, TN  37643.  

That’s it for your part!  Now, it is up to us.  After we receive your Questionnaire, order, photos, and payment for the slideshow, you will receive a confirmation email from us.  This will include any questions we have regarding your information.  We will ask you in the Questionnaire if you want your copied photos or CD-R returned to you.  

Slideshows are completed as quickly as possible, unless there is some unforeseen circumstance.  

DVD slideshow can take from 2 - 6 weeks depending on the amount of photos you have. 

If you have any questions, you may email us at info@lovinglinesandmore.com or call us at  (423) 342-9050.  Thank you for choosing Loving Lines and More.

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