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To My Uncle

You've always been a humble man
With few words to say.
You always seem to have a smile
Each and every day.

It seems you're always working.
Your garden should win a prize.
Your yard is immaculate
With beauty you can't buy.

You dearly love your children,
And your grand kids are your pride.
You take the time to spend with them,
Making memories that won't die.

You set a great example 
For everyone you know.
It's apparent in the deeds you do,
And it's never been for show.

You've always been a Godly man.
From God you find your way.
It shows in how you live your life
Each and every day.

Thanks for all you do for me.
You always do your best.
To have you as my uncle,
I know I’m truly blessed.

 I love you,

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