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A Crown
This poem is about the crown of thorns Jesus had to wear here on earth.  

Better than Before
This poem explains how God can make us better than before.  

Dusty Roads
This poem explains how Jesus walked on dusty roads on earth, so we can walk streets of gold in heaven.

He Should Have
This poem tells what Christ should have had when he came to earth. 

I Thought
This poem is about all the many good times we have on earth, and how in heaven they are going to last.  

It's All About the Little Things
This poem is about how God can take something small and make it huge in someone's life.    

Make Room
This poem is about how we should make room for Jesus every day of our life.    

Miracle of Change
This poem is about how God can perform miracles.

Our Country
This poem is about our country which is one nation under God.

Pieces of our Lives
This poem is about how God can take the pieces of our lives and join them together to make a beautiful thing.

Send Me
This poem is about how God can use us no matter where we are.

The Lord Is
This poem tells how God is still the King of Kings.

Too Busy
This poem reminds us that God is never too busy for us.

When Life Gives You Scraps
This poem explains how God take take anything and turn it to good.  

Would They?
This is a poem that asks you if the people around you know that you are a Christian by your actions. 

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